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Update March/31/2016

We have a facebook page now! Please check it out at https://www.facebook.com/TheGoldenSleeve/

Update March/30/2016

Grand Opening

Hi everyone. Welcome to Aya's Archive. Due to popular request from our longtime ebay customers. We launch this store for your ease.  This website is mainly a Yu-Gi-Oh! online store but we are looking to branch off into other card games. Cards with a quantity of 0 are not displayed and all prices are currently in USD. 

Stay toon for more Deals 

Card Conditions.

Near Mint

Near Mint cards will have very few problems. There may be light scratches or very small nicks on the edge, but the rest of the card is in outstanding shape.


Lightly Played

Lightly Played cards will have minor edgewear.  The edge of the card remains sharp with small areas of white visible.


Moderately Played

Moderately Played cards will have some edgewear and minor creases. The edge of the card will begin to lose some of its hardness and a third of the card edge may be covered with wear.


Heavily Played

Heavily Played cards will show easily visible wear. Over half of the card's border may be worn. It may have moderately sized creases as well.



Damaged cards show easily visible, extreme wear. It may have major whitening, major creasing, minor tearing, or water damage.

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